• Your First Gig

    Your First Gig

    If you know me pretty well you will find that I stay pretty busy. I work a full time job,...
  • Update 1/26

    Update 1/26

    Well, I’m back. Let’s see what’s new? I’ve started a new job as a Web Developer, Computer Repair Technician and...
  • 2015 in a Nutshell

    2015 in a Nutshell

    Here are a few pictures from my 2015! Enjoy! I hope 2016 is just as good...
  • 10 Tips on Life

    10 Tips on Life

    Most of these are in light of moving out of my parents but I feel like they should help all...
  • Giving Up Your Rights….For a Worthy Purpose

    Giving Up Your Rights….For a Worthy Purpose

    I’m back… here in the next few hours I will be officially starting my internship with Lakeside Fellowship. The goal...

2015 in a Nutshell

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