As a sound engineer I have never considered specifying a New Years Resolution but lately I have been thinking about ways that I can break bad habits and ultimately be a better sound engineer.

My Resolutions

  1. Be Ready for Taxes. I plan on making an Excel spreadsheet that includes all of the gigs I have worked including under the table gigs. This spreadsheet would include miles, parking and the total pay of the gig. I have a total dread for Excel but part of this resolution is to conquer my fears and dive in.
  2. Trust in My Ears. I am too eager to trust Smaart or another RTA. RTA’s have their place in certain applications but it is wrong to mix off of a RTA. My hope for the new year is to keep trusting in my ears which so far haven’t failed me.
  3. Be on Time. If you know me personally this is an area that I struggle with. I have eager hopes to be 10 minutes early to every gig. Ultimately this shows a respect for the people that are hiring me but I think long term this will be better for personal development.

Do you have any new years resolutions this year? Comment them below!