Coilovers – 6 Things That They Don’t Tell You

On a bit of an impulse I decided to purchase Raceland Ultimos coilovers for my BMW. While I had my buddy do the installation there are still a few things I wish I would have known.

  1. Tire Wear. Camber is the vertical angle of the tire. If you have too much camber your tires will wear quicker. Don’t learn the hard way. Keep an eye on your tires after lowering your car! Some cars need camber plates in order to allow for additional adjustment.
  2. Alignment. After lowering your car you may end up needing an alignment. Make sure to check your tow and get it in soon. If there is some tow than you don’t want that to do damage on your tires.
  3. Road Noise. Since your car is closer to the ground you will notice more road noise.
  4. Stiffer Ride. Along with road noise you will also notice that your car will be stiffer.
  5. Looks Great. Every car looks different when you lower it but for my BMW it looks sweet (not to toot my own horn).
  6. Smoother Corners. Having a stiffer suspension allows you to just glide through corners that you would normally need to slow down for. This is great but you’ll need to be more aware of rain and snow when entering a corner.

Please enjoy a time lapse video of the first part of coil over installation. I cleaned out my car while my roommate installed the coilovers. Unfortunately the GoPro died before we got to the rear installation.


Hope you enjoy!