Blog Post Checklist – My Guide to a Rock Solid Article

I find that I write my blog posts late at night. It seems that 1-2am is the given time for inspiration. Frequently at this time of night I will forget the cores of my posts. This list is mostly for my own use but I imagine that an aspiring blogger would find this list helpful.

Blog Checklist

  1. Content
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Set Category
  4. Advertising to the Ready
  5. Featured Image
  6. Secondary Image 
  7. Defining a Read More Tag
  8. Preparing Social Media
  9. Setting up Permalink
  10. Defining Title Tags

Schema Markup is a standardized tool used by search engines to help determine how your content is viewed on a search engine. It tells you what your data means v.s what it is.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is important on any site. Making sure that you have keywords established and any other elements will help your site rank and establish credibility.


Categories in WordPress are a great way to organize your thoughts and of course categorize your posts. I don’t use them as much as I used to.


Adsense is great for making a little extra on the side. I don’t push advertisements a whole lot. Maybe I will push them more in the future.

Featured Image

Make sure your image is sized properly and compressed.

Secondary Image

Any secondary image or galleries… I have posted many updates only to find that I forgot to upload graphics.

Read More

My WordPress theme requires me to either set an excerpt or else the home page will become riddled with the accumulated text from the post.

Social Media

I run several social media accounts so I use a Hootsuite for scheduling, analytics and so much more.


Setting up your permalink to best benefit your SEO strategy.

Title Tags

Link title tags look something like this: Cody Sweeny
This would allow you to hoover over the link and you will see “Cody’s Website” in a little dialog box. This doesn’t directly impact SEO but it is a great practice for all of your links. I have also read that it is utilized for assisting visually impaired persons.

In Conclusion

Having a basic checklist will help to keep you from forgetting the basics in your next post. I encourage you to pick and choose what you like or dislike from this list and continue to compile your own.   Have a great day!