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NopCommerce is an asp.NET E Commerce content management system. This system has a long standing reputation with the forum support that you would expect. I have throughly enjoyed working with NopCommerce. The backend framework is amazing. You can tweak and edit nearly anything you want. Hopefully I will post more about this CMS later on but I for now I will leave you with a quick guide.

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Update 1/26

Well, I’m back. Let’s see what’s new?

  • I’ve started a new job as a Web Developer, Computer Repair Technician and Network Consultant at Wolf Creek Technology. I enjoy the job. It is a touch tedious but I get to sit down all day and work with technology. Win; Win for me. I’ve learned numerous things from this so far and realized how little I really know about web stuff.
  • It has been 2 years since my Grandpa passed away. Man. It seems so weird to think that it has been 2 years. I’m out of words here. I miss him. It’s all I can say.
  • I purchased a new camera. I went with the Canon T5I. It is a fairly affordable¬†camera and it takes nice photos. For your enjoyment here are a couple¬†photos that I have taken with it:
Artsy Something or Other
Artsy Something or Other
Fun night!
Fun night!


As I continue to take more photos I will post them (either on Facebook or something…).





2015 in a Nutshell

Here are a few pictures from my 2015! Enjoy!

I hope 2016 is just as good.