Driving Traffic to Your Blog – Web Traffic Tips

Your website is more than just a website. I am an owner of several websites and I know that there is a pride in having your own site with your own content on it. Today’s blog post will be about driving traffic to the blog section of your website. We can discuss tactics for your ecommerce site another day but today will be all about blogs!

When discussing driving web traffic the biggest key is quality traffic. Any fool can spend $15 for a service to drive 1000 “people” a day. The issue is that this isn’t quality traffic. 90% of those hits will have a 30 second duration and won’t even read your content (or generate revenue). The purpose of driving traffic should be to generate readers. Not just to increase stats.

Let’s dive in:

  1. Establish a Clear Message. Your message is everything. Continuing to push a sporadic message will turn away readers. A personal blog is a little different in this area. A personal blog has the ability to write about whatever they want. Exactly what I’m doing now. A business blog needs to be drive with a clear message on the product that you are providing.
  2. Be Social. Use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatever else you can find out there. The more that you can get that link out the better. Be aware of common practices.. A personal blog won’t need a Facebook Page but it will need you to share it as a status update.
  3. Use Analytics. Finding out what your viewers are reading is definitely key. If you post a blog post that preforms well than post a follow up.
  4. Be Consistent. Making a commitment to posting once a week is a great way to continue to spur on traffic.
  5. A Well Written Article Goes a Long Way. I will wrap it up with this but if your viewers can experience a well written article they are more likely to come back.

So let’s break it down. Great content, shared content and traffic monitoring are the goals to achieving a higher volume of quality traffic.

Ultimately I have been on both sides of the equation. Last year around this time I worked as a content writer for a web development company. I would write copies out of scratch for construction, lawn care and other local businesses so I can totally relate the struggle to write a well rounded article.

The worst possible thing that you can do is not write content at all. Leaving a static website from the early 2000s is a great turn off. Now here is where I inform you about my company: If you find yourself looking for a Web Design company please keep Iowa Technology Concepts in mind.


Have a great day!