Gaining Instagram Followers The Right Way

There is something about looking at your phone and seeing that you have gained a follower on Instagram. Using an Instagram account for your business and for personal use can be a great way to increase engagement and to expand your creative horizon. I have been incredibly inspired by the random people that like my latest posts from my new Instagram account. For instances I was inspired by this dude and this person. Seriously. Take a second to check out that first guy. The one labeled “dude” because it is totally worth it. I now want to try something like that! That is awesome.

Gaining Instagram Followers

  1. Use Clean Photos. Don’t steal them. That is not ethical and really not cool.
  2. Don’t use filters. I am still working on this one but from my understanding filters limit outside outreach and can easily be overused.
  3. Use Hashtags. Hashtags are the piece that connects your photo to a greater pool. Use plenty but don’t let it interfere with content and this leads us into our next point:
  4. Write good content. “A photo is worth a thousand words.” Tell a story out of your photo and add inspiring content.
  5. Share! Share your photos with your friends. Blog about your photos and link them back to your Instagram account using the embed features.
  6. Post frequently. Okay, don’t over do this on though or you will lose followers for being annoying.¬†This link recommends 2 times per day or enough to keep up with engagement.

I wish you the best of luck in your Instagram followers “pursuit. Please feel free to add me to your Instagram!


I hope I was some help in your pursuits. Please feel free to check out my other Social Media posts.

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Cody Sweeny is a blogger, amateur photographer and technology enthusiast.

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