Hootsuite Overview

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that is pretty much the ultimate one. The downfall of TweetDeck (lack of third party integration) has allowed for Hootsuite to sweep in and dominate the other competition.

Hootsuite offers a few different options for their social media management:

  • Free: The free version of Hootsuite offers 3 social media accounts, basic analytics and scheduling.
  • Pro ($10 per month): This is the one I use personally. It offers up to 50 social media accounts, up to 10 users and access to premium apps.
  • Business (Contact for quote): This one is nuts. I don’t even know how to describe it but it offers a bunch of crazy stuff.

More info can be views on Hootsuite’s Pricing and Plans Options.

Hootsuite Features

  1. Streams. I don’t use streams as much as I should but these are a great way to keep track of whats going on.
  2. Publisher. This is an area that can be used to schedule out future posts.
  3. Analytics. I primarily use this to monitor Twitter followers. It seems to be fairly accuarte. The analytics can also monitor ow.ly link clicks.
  4. Ads. You can create ads for Twitter and Facebook. This is still in beta and I really haven’t dove into it just yet. Maybe one of these days.
  5. Assignments. You can create assignments based on users and such for your organization. Pretty cool but sadly another feature that I haven’t cared to use.
  6. Campaigns. These can be used to create contests for different social media platforms.
  7. Contacts. This shows all Twitter followers and people you follow.
  8. App Directory. This is a place that can be used apply Youtube, Flickr and Google Drive Integration.

Platforms supported:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress
  • Youtube


I personally use Hootsuite for all of my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. The scheduling alone makes using it worth it. This is also what I use for many church posts as it can post the same content to multiple social media platforms all at a time of my choosing.

It should be mentioned that Hootsuite is web based but also supports an iPhone, iPad, and Android App. 
If you are reading this you are probably considering if it is worth it to make the switch to Hootsuite. I truly wish you luck in the endeavor of finding the right social media manager for you/your team.

Have a great day!



Cody Sweeny is a blogger, amateur photographer and technology enthusiast.

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