Montana (Ahem Canada) Trip Summary Part 2

If you haven’t read my first blog post I am heading back to Montana from Canada after visiting Chad’s family for a family reunion. To catch you up a bit Chad is a friend of mine/landlord/roommate. He rented a car and I am joining him on this adventure to Lougheed, Canada. Or more importantly a little farm near Lougheed.

Highlights of the Trip

  1. Border Agents enjoy Grilling People. I get it. He has a job to do but man. “Where you coming from? Where are you going? For what reason? Any drugs or alcohol in the car? Any gifts that you are taking? You are good to go. Enjoy your trip.” After he said all that it was like a light switch was flipped on and he was happy; wishing us a safe journey. Farther down I expand on why both border crossings stink!
  2. Alberta is Really Flat. For miles upon miles it seemed like there was nothing but farmland…and the occasional tree.
  3. Kilometers are annoying. KPM is an interesting way to drive. Going 100 KPM coming from an American makes it seem like you are going really fast but in reality it is only 65MPH.
  4. No Cops? So far I haven’t seen a single cop. Also on a total side note I am pretty sure that Iowa has more State Patrol Officers than any other state out West. I saw probably 15 State Patrol officers (mostly just chilling by the side of the road or driving). I have seen only 3 in South Dakota, 1 in Montana and none here in Canada.
  5. Accents. The accents are mild where I am staying. Most notably the older people have a stronger accent where the younger people have a mild accent or will do a better job of hiding it. One part of the accent I never really noticed is that they finish a lot of statements with a question (I.E You know? Eh? etc).
  6. Oh Happy Day. Something simple as cow branding is enough to make people celebrate. It was a pleasure to participate and to watch the cow branding system. They vaccinate, castrate and brand cattle since they use shared pastures.
  7. Both Border Crossings Stink. Each border is supposed to be worse or something but going in from the U.S to Canada we were grilled with questions and going to the U.S from Canada we got searched (had to open up the trunk). Ironically they left our bags cleaner than when they were packed…
  8. Family is Taken Seriously. There is definitely a family connection between all of these people. From a genuine interest in the business dealings to the occasional joking. It was amazing to experience another family from a different point of view. Twice now I have been able to experience great family!

That is about it for Canada. I will hopefully write some more about it another time but in an effort to get this published soon I will leave it as it is. Be on the look out for my next part “Montana Trip Part 3” and likely a fourth part as well.

Have a great night!


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