So far my Montana trip has proved to be interesting if not exciting. I have never been any farther out West than Rapid City so the ability to see the rockies for the first time has been amazing. Here are a few highlights of my trip out West.

Highlights of the trip

  1. 1880s Town. The 1880s town was enjoyable. It is the set for the old movie called Dancing with Wolves. It features real buildings from the old west. Hence the name. I personally have been there before but it has been a long time (9 years).
  2. Rushmore Cave. We went to the Rushmore Cave on our first day and experienced something incredible. The staff was friendly and since it was just us 2 the teen that was our tour guide took us to different parts that most people won’t be able to see in a larger group. He was great and the experience was awesome.
  3. Mount Rushmore. Go there at night right and enjoy a great experience with a ceremony and the lighting of Mount Rushmore. Also take a look at Pokemon Go. Nothing rare but definitely worth noting.
  4. Beauty. From Rapid City to Missoula all I can say is that it is beautiful. There is so much nature and character. The mountains go from these little hills slowly rolling out into bigger and taller hills.
  5. Cattle Gates. There are these gates (not even gates). They look like a gate that was layed down on the ground with barb wire attaching up too it. These gates are meant to keep cattle or horses (probably any hooved animal) in. The way they are set up is so that cows can’t step in it but cars and such can drive over it just fine. Coming from a “city slicker” that is incredible.
  6. Huckleberries. If you ever go to the mountains you need to try a huckleberry. Similar to a blueberry but so much better. These berries only grow at a certain altitude but are considered a local delicacy. They are great with homemade ice cream!
  7. Friendly. We went to some of Chad’s relatives that live in the mountains just South of Missoula. The family we stayed at was amazing. The showed us St Mary’s Mountain, trout fishing and huckleberry picking. They were also incredibly nice and friendly. The world really needs more people like them. Anyways, everyone is friendly up there. Maybe it is the small community mentality but everyone is waving at each other, people will stop to talk to you. It is all around a nice place to be.
  8. Trout Fishing. Besides seeing a snake rather up close and personal and losing a flip flop it is an experience that I will never forget. I personally caught 6 fish (released one). I also learned how to gut a fish which is a skill that everyone should know (in case it hits the fan or end of the world or something). We ended up cooking up the fish in an amazing display of how good fish can taste.
  9. Sunsets. There were wild fires South of us but if you watch during sunsets you the sun will reflect off the smokey mountains to give off a beautiful pink gaze. While I am talking about sunsets it is worth mentioning that due to elevation the sun won’t fully set until 11pm and will rise early in the morning (usually 4-5am). This occurrence can really mess with your mind.
  10. Backwards River. This will be the last and final thing that should be mentioned. There were many things but ultimately I would encourage you to come out and experience it for yourself. The bitter root river actually flows South to North due to the location and elevation. Last small note is that the place of John Denver’s Wild Montana Sky is actually in the bitter root river valley. It is mentioned in the first line of the song and it is assumed that the rest of the song follows this man as he is in the Bitter Root River Valley.

Montana has truly proven to be a great experience. I plan to blog in a similar format about my Canada trip that I am experiencing right now. Don’t be fooled though. After this we are heading back to Montana to assist a camp in ministering to the Black Foot Children. So the blog post will still be titled Montana Trip Summary Part 2.

I hope you have a great day!

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  • July 25, 2016 at 12:19 am

    Thanks for sharing, Cody! Can’t wait to hear about the Black Foot children!

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