NopCommerce is an ASP.NET based E Commerce style Content Management System. Here is my version of installation on IIS 6.* via a mix of the Web Platform Installer and SQL fun stuff.

Before we begin:

  1. This is on Windows 2012 R2.
  2. Running IIS 6 (maybe 6.2 I don’t remember)
  3. Make sure to install IIS. That could be a guide by itself.

Let’s begin the nopCommerce Installation

  1. Open up Web Platform Installer
  2. Go to the Applications Tab
  3. Click add on nopCommerce
  4. Then Click Install
  5. Don’t jump the gun here. Click on direct download and download the nopCommerce zip. We have to use the Web Platform Version of nopCommerce as it is built in with the SQL Install stuff if you want to use that or you can manually import the information.
  6. Extract all of that.
  7. Change the permissions on the nopCommerce folder so IIS/USERS has full control (It needs this in order to finish the install without Windows getting in the way.
  8. Now go to the site. This will either be localhost/nopcommerce or via ip address/nopCommerce.
  9. This screen is what you want to see. If you don’t see this then check your ip address and installation path.


  10. Enter in your database. This peice took me a couple times. I used SQL Authentication via the default account “sa”. The “sa” account was setup as a mixed account between Windows credentials and SQL login credentials. If you set up your server with a new SQL install I would reccomend the “mixed” Windows credentials. This makes everything a whole lot easier as your Windows password is the same as SQL. Create a new database and name it something you’ll remember.
  11. Click install! This should take off without a hitch.
  12. Boom!
    You’re Done! Congrats!


NopCommerce is pretty sweet once you get past all the SQL database stuff.