My Pokemon Go Tips…So Far

Hi all,

If you have been following the tech world lately Pokemon Go has certainly made a big splash. Created by Niantic (the same people that created Ingress) Pokemon Go is a smartphone based game in which you can capture Pokemon via your smartphone camera.

A few Pokemon Go Tips:

  1. Battery Pack. If you plan on being out longer than a couple hours I would bring an external USB battery pack. Pokemon Go uses GPS to determine where you are in relation to Pokemon, gyms and PokeStops. Constant GPS usage can diminish your battery rather quickly so a battery pack is necessary.
  2. Be Aware. A 19 year old teen found a dead body while out looking for Pokemon…. Also not to mention that if you wander into traffic or get caught in a storm.. Just be aware.
  3. Color Ring. The color of ring around the Pokemon represents how hard it will be to catch a certain Pokemon. It is more than just tossing a Pokeball. You can keep your finger on a Pokeball to change the color of the circle. I haven’t quite figured it out (just lack of quality gameplay on my end) but still. There is something more to it than just toss and catch.
  4. PokeStops Reset After 5 Minutes. If you are stuck in an area for a little while just keep checking your phone. A PokeStop will turn purple after you have spunĀ it and then slowly turn back to blue after 5 minutes.
  5. Before you go out check the server status. With the influx in users the servers have been unstable and unusable at times. This is the site I have been using to check the server status. I would highly encourage you to check the server status before you drive to the beach (Water Pokemon).

That is about it. I just hit level 5 so I have yet to figure out gyms. Hopefully as I progress I can write another post or 2 about gameplay. Please enjoy some photos of my gameplay so far:


Have fun “Catching Them All”




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