Hmmmm, what to write about. What to write about. The possibilities are endless yet I seem to have hit a wall. School is starting to wind down as summer seems to get crammed up from camp to the things like visiting my dad in northern Iowa. Last weekend was prom, honestly I can’t get my mind off it. It was awesome!!! Here’s a few random things for the future generations of prom to ease the struggles of insecurities.

  1. Don’t Grind. Seriously, it’s gross and inappropriate. I know the temptation will only get stronger as the years go by, but just don’t.
  2. Have fun. There will be 3 groups there. 1. Lovey dovey group, the grinders, and the people looking to have fun. Be the people looking to have fun. Enjoy yourself. Dance! Here’s the thing: everyone feels like a fool dancing.
  3. Who cares? If your lucky you can go to prom more than twice if not than you only have 2 times of prom to enjoy it.
  4. Go to post prom! It’s a blast. Pop, food, prizes and pretty much anything else you can think of! You spend $10 bucks at prom and can almost win anything at post prom from PS4’s to T.V’s! It’s pretty sweet.
  5. Go with the flow. The best thing to do while at prom is to do what feels natural (and modest!). Enjoy yourself, I can’t stress this enough.
  6. Don’t be afraid to go stag. I went alone and was able to dance and have fun! Plus your not tied down to a date. You can dance with anyone there! Just not the popular guys girlfriend. That never turns out well.
  7. Don’t wear new shoes. My feet killed after prom.
  8. Learn to tie a tie before prom.
  9. Drink the punch! Sadly I missed out on it but I heard it was good!
  10. Last, have a good time! Forget your former insecurities and just have fun with some friends. Slow dance with a girl. Just have a good time.

It turned into a few more than a few but, I hope it helps. This was a collection of stuff I was told and learned. Just, yeah, don’t dance with the popular guys girlfriend. If you haven’t seen that BMW or AUDI commercial you might want to. Hey the guy gets the girl in the end though, just with a black eye.

-Cody Sweeny

Savior of the universe

Battler of insecurity

Hero of Nerds

Okay, I need to stop.


Cody Sweeny is a blogger, amateur photographer and technology enthusiast.

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  • May 8, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    So GLAD you too the “plunge” and went and even more GLAD that you had a WONDERFUL time!! I do so enjoy reading your posts and getting your “fresh perspective” on things!! 😉


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