Small Business Advertising – A Social Approach in the Digital Age

What makes great small business advertising? Is it a unique approach? Or how about a targeted audience. Join me on a marvelous adventure through my advertising thought process.

Small Business Advertising

Marketing/Advertising has always intrigued me. I always imagined a Don Draper kind of guy plowing his way through the open office doors of a 25 floor skyscraper. Obviously my thoughts on advertising are inaccurate but now as I go along through life and in particular my latest business venture I am understanding that small business advertising is just that. It is small. It isn’t having a $5000 radio budget or having billboards across the city.

40 years ago advertising was easy. Send a press release to your local new paper. Put an ad in that same news paper and bang. Nowadays our information platform spectrum is so much wider than what it used to be. We still have the same old print outlets but that market is starting to move to an older age and digital advertising is taking over. Here is my thought process while considering advertising in a digital age:

How My Business is Advertising:

Facebook. This form of advertising is actually the simplest to use. I have established a 10 mile radius around the Polk City community. This radius is being advertised to via a simple post that comes up in the new feed. This ad is recurring every month from the point on which I started on. It was very affordable in comparison to traditional forms of advertising.

Twitter. Facebook was my first platform with a majority of my clients already using Facebook v.s Twitter. On Twitter I am currently running a campaign for more followers. Not a direct ad sourcing to my website but just an ad to build followers.

Google. I am using Google Adwords Express to market a generic ad. This will help in regards to other competition in the area. I am not to into the idea of Google Adwords as I myself ignore them for the most part but I am curious to see what happens.

Flyers. I spent the day today running around town putting up flyers on community poster boards. As this may not be the most effective advertising method out there this can be a great way to attract an older audience.


All in all I am trying to keep it simple. The more advance that my advertising become the more costly it can get. There is definitely a market for budget computer repair but the tricky part is making myself known. The more that I become known the more referrals and ultimately the more business. Hopefully my thought process has helped you and your small business.


-Cody Sweeny

Owner of Iowa Technology Concepts


Cody Sweeny is a blogger, amateur photographer and technology enthusiast.

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