Swarm's latest update has the look and feel of old Foursquare.
Swarm has evolved to make a totally cool app that has rocked the tech community.

In the Beginning Was Swarm

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning was Foursquare….. I will stop while I am ahead 🙂

In 2009 a startup app called Foursquare was launched. This app established a culture among tech heads that couldn’t be beat. The app was a “check me in app”. Nearly the first of it’s kind (with the exception of Gowalla…RIP).

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School, work and home. What apps are essential to daily life? Well…. I’ve got a few for you.



1. Dropbox. Dropbox is a terrific storage app. I actually use this one to back up all my photos I take with my iPhone. Pretty cool. It does it automatically whenever I connect to wifi.

2. Google Drive. This is another storage app but it also integrates word processing, presentation software and excel. Note that these aren’t with the actual Office Suite but they are Google’s very own. If you have a gmail you have Google Drive. I highly recommend this one as you can use it to send large files as well. This is like dropbox of steroids.

3. Pages or Word for iPhone/Android. Pages is Apple’s very own word processor. Word is obviously Microsofts. If you use the Microsoft Office 365 you get like a crazy ammount of storage as well as access to Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook etc…). If you primarily use Apple devices I would recomend Pages and Apple Cloud. My documents automatically save to my iCloud Drive. This way I can access them and edit them on the go. This is a simalair concept to the Office Suite.

4. Hotspot. I use my hotspot frequently at school. At my school they (the people upstairs *enter creepy organ music*) have filters to stop access to sites like Facebook, Twitter and many others (including wordpress). Keep an eye on your data usage. It can skyrocket when your using your mobile hotspot.



1. Best Buy App. Well this is obvious. I can quickly use the Best Buy app on my own phone to look up a product while their computers are loading. Same goes for about any workplace in retail. Fareway has an app, Walmart etc…

2. On breaks I use the obvious Facebook and Twitter.



1. Instagram. I use Instagram for basic photos of whatever…

2. ProCam 2. I know, I know. I listed 2 camera apps in a row. ProCam is pretty neat. Great for those “perfect Instagram” shots.

3. Pinterest. Arts and crafts and neat ideas to make your life easy.


What do you use on a daily basis? Comment below!



Thank you!