Driving Traffic to Your Blog – Web Traffic Tips

Your website is more than just a website. I am an owner of several websites and I know that there is a pride in having your own site with your own content on it. Today’s blog post will be about driving traffic to the blog section of your website. We can discuss tactics for your ecommerce site another day but today will be all about blogs!

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Knowing Your Toolbelt – Web Developer Resources

This past January I started working as a Web Developer at Wolf Creek Technology in Polk City. Work sputtered out at that job and I managed to freelance over the summer as a sound and lighting technician. In September I started working up in Ames and launched my own company. As my own company is considerably technology focused I still haven’t given up my pursuits in web development and that is actually featured as a service that I provide.

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Hootsuite Overview

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that is pretty much the ultimate one. The downfall of TweetDeck (lack of third party integration) has allowed for Hootsuite to sweep in and dominate the other competition. Read more

Gaining Instagram Followers The Right Way

There is something about looking at your phone and seeing that you have gained a follower on Instagram. Using an Instagram account for your business and for personal use can be a great way to increase engagement and to expand your creative horizon. I have been incredibly inspired by the random people that like my latest posts from my new Instagram account. For instances I was inspired by this dude and this person. Seriously. Take a second to check out that first guy. The one labeled “dude” because it is totally worth it. I now want to try something like that! That is awesome.

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