Using the Image Processor in Photoshop

If you haven’t noticed I take a ton of photos. Mostly nature but occasionally I take photos at events and family stuff (birthdays, grill outs, etc).

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Hootsuite Overview

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that is pretty much the ultimate one. The downfall of TweetDeck (lack of third party integration) has allowed for Hootsuite to sweep in and dominate the other competition. Read more

New Computer Build Resources

Custom built computer are now the thing. My cousin, uncle and several of my friends including myself have built our own computers. These computers can be used for a bunch of different uses but are primarily used for gaming.

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Favorite WordPress Plugins

The way most content management systems work is that they use plugins to add in great features that were not built in. This establishes 3rd party integration and helps out the end user (ie. You!). Here is a list of my favorite WordPress Plugins.

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