If you haven’t noticed I run quite a few different websites; from my own photography site, to a website dedicated to the life of a sound engineer and finally to this one. I am also very much so on the go. I am always working a gig or out taking photos. I am also a horrible spell checker. I occasionally get a text that my latest blog post has a misspelled word. A life of being “on the go” and being a horrible speller can really bite you in the butt now and then. I am happy to say that I can edit on the go just as easily as if I had my Mac in my hands. Let us just get on with it. Below are my most used Web Developer Mobile Apps.

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WordPress has been around for a few years and has established itself as one of the most popular Content Management System out there.

With Great Power Comes Great Plugins.

-Uncle Ben

Okay, maybe it didn’t quite go like that but pretty close. WordPress has made itself into a mini empire of sorts moving from a blogging only CMS to an “everything” CMS. Plugins have been used to add social icons, contact forms, and behind the scenes management for your WordPress install. Here are my must-have WordPress Plugins:

1. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is an all in one plugin. You can view all of the features here but a few of my favorites include social publishing, commenting and wordpress short links. The point of Jetpack is to bridge the gap between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. This plugin includes nearly everything imaginable and is well worth it for any WordPress user.


2. CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a Content Distribution Network. They provide security, analytics and the obvious distribution. They are nice if you have a separate mobile site and need to route traffic to that site. They also provide server side caching. This means that if you view my site from Italy it will show up as a cached version from a European server. This is nice as you get a quick site without waiting for the version here in the U.S to load. CloudFlare’s security is absolutely awesome! CloudFlare offers a free version and paid options. I use the free version and find it sufficient for my needs.


3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin is truly a necessity. SEO (or search engine optimization) is a necessity for any website, not necessarily to get into Google’s Index but more so for the other added features. WordPress SEO also supports OGP (Open Graph Protocol). This is how Facebook knows what image to use in the share box when the link is posted in the news feed. This works by using the featured image from WordPress. They also offer some other cool things like porting into Google WebMaster Tools and such.


4. All in One WP Security

Sadly in our day we need security. It is no different with a WordPress installs. This plugin encompases a whole lot of features. It can change the default login page effectively destroying any kind of automated brute force. This one also provides database protection. Seriously this plugin has about everything (auto logouts, login attempts, timeouts, 401 protect).


5. W3 Total Cache

There are hundreds of caching plugins for WordPress but this one is my go to plugin. It provides basic caching and will work side by side with CloudFlare.


That was a list of my essential WordPress plugins!