UPDATED: Favorite WordPress Plugins

Around a year ago I wrote a blog post about my favorite WordPress Plugins. Since that time my tastes have changed and technology has changed. Here is my updated list of plugins for security, design and stability.

Favorite WordPress Plugins

  1. Cloudflare. This plugin allow for an optimized content distribution network targeted for WordPress all through their plugin. Cloudflare also provides security, SSL, and great outboard caching that won’t put a strain on your hosting.
  2. WordPress Backup to Dropbox. Direct backup solution straight to dropbox. If you already pay for Dropbox this is a total no brainer! Keep your website backed up on a weekly basis where you completely control the medium.
  3. Site Origin. Customized approach to web design. Forgotten are the days of custom coding everything in HTML. Site Origin gives you the ability to put widgets into the body of your content. Yet it still will allow you to assign classes and change every detail.
  4. WP SEO Schema. Since the introduction of Schema.org, this plugin allows you to define strutctured data tags for Google. This will help with SEO in ways that Yoast can’t. SEO is incredibly important in any industry. If Google can’t find you, you can’t be found on Google.
  5. Ad Blocking Detector. This one is awesome. You can introduce any blocked ad space with whatever you would like. Right now on another blog I have a sad puppy setup with a witty line about you blocking my ads. It is one of my favorite new plugins.

Hopefully these plugins will assist you in your web design endeavors. If you need any help please feel free to reach out to me. Part of my business is website design so I might know a thing or 2 😉


Have a great day!


Cody Sweeny is a blogger, amateur photographer and technology enthusiast.

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