Update July

I am horrible about keeping my blog up to date especially after blogging about consistency back in May. June and July have been exhausting. As always summer seems to psychs me out.

The first 2 weeks of June were very slow. I put in some hours at my day job but was a little worried going forward as far as my normal summer work goes. Somewhere in there I received a call about a short gig in Kansas City. After working out the kinks I got the gig and made arrangements.

Salisbury House.

Before the KC gig I was working at the Salisbury House as an A2 for Shakespeare on the Lawn. It is a fun gig where I got to meet new people. At this event I met up with a dare I say older (?) sound engineer. I was entertained during downtime of his touring tales and with some of the acts he has worked with.

Kansas City

The morning after Salisbury load out I booked it down to KC to start a corporate run. The life sound industry seems to be a pretty crazy as in "show up here" with no confirmation. I showed up and we ran through a successful 2 day conference for IT professionals. After that event I had my last day of VBS prep on Wednesday and then on Thursday we loaded in for Arts Fest

Arts Fest

The line up for Arts Fest was pretty solid. Maybe I am out of the folk/indie loop but I only recognized the local artists (several that I have worked with before). Didn't recognize either of the headliners but they were still super cool to work with. Friday night I played A2/Monitor Tech while the touring tech rocked front of house.

After that I worked with several other local artists. There was one act that I totally enjoyed mixing... Not to toot my own horn but her set has to be one of the best mixes I have ever had! It was an acoustic guitar, vocal and saxophone. The sax is a little strange in the folk realm but it worked out well and is by far my favorite combo of the weekend. I added a touch of reverb that smoothed out into an awesome mix of glorious sound. Sorry, I could talk about that set all day. The artist was super easy to work with and knew exactly what she wanted in her floor wedge.

Car Troubles

On the last day of Arts Fest as I was pulling in I noticed that my car was smoking. Turns out that my reservoir on my radiator cracked and made it so I couldn't hold any coolant. I started to work my car home, filling it up with water around every 3 miles. The bummer about it was that I was going to be late for VBS. I called my boss and he ended up sending a ride so I could make it. After VBS I ended up back at my car inching it along with the help of my Mother and roommate.

A week later I ended up having to take my car into the shop for another radiator issue. It has been a rough patch in my ownership of a foreign car.... I am selling a car though if you are interested.


Making it to VBS in just the nick of time I pretty much lost my mind trying to patch wireless and get setup for the skit. Frequently I had to remind myself that I am not a student but an adult while hanging around the youth group. Even with this being my second year out of high school. I have been working VBS for several years now and it is one of the events year after year that I truly love being apart of.

Other Gigs

I am sorry to keep writing about the shows I have been doing. These events have been taking up a lot of my time so my personal life is kind of down in the dumps... Go figure. I was able to hang out with some great friends on the 4th of July though so that was really nice. Otherwise it has been work, sleep and The Office. I also just started Music Man at the Des Moines Playhouse come and say hi! I have some great shows coming up that I am looking forward to.

In Conclusion

Life has been busy but good. Just plucking away as always. Keep tabs on my social media accounts to see what I have been up to.


Take it easy and have a great day!

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