Hire Me

My name is Cody Sweeny and I am a Sound Technician based in the Des Moines Metro. Since 2014 I have been working freelance for several venues and local production companies. My skillset lies within audio but I am not immune to lighting and video.

I originally was trained in my local church 7+ years ago. In 2014 I came into contact with a production company and continued to learn and grow in the comprehension of larger systems. In 2015 I took the jump into theater work through a local theater professional. In May of 2017 I sound designed my first production for the Des Moines Community Playhouse. 

My dream is to go on the road with a laid back Indie or Americana style band. Until that time I plan to continue to work in my local community and surrounding areas in an effort to grow and connect with other sound professionals. 




Audio Skills


-MIDI Triggering
-RF Coordination
-Digital Consoles (S21, SC48, GLD80, M32, M7CL, and more)

-Corporate Experience
-Sound Reinforcement

FOH Artists

-Jason Brown
-Sharks in the Deep End
-Abbie and The Sawyers
-Brother Trucker
-Ben Goldberg
-Ben de la Cour



Contact me today if you are interested in my services.