Learning Joomla: Adding to the Arsenal of Web Excellence

After recently writing about my Favorite WordPress Plugins I am back to write about Joomla. I started my first blog when I was still in Junior High. After nuking several (10+) blogs I decided to purchase my own domain and get started on an official blog.

Codysweeny.com is my oldest and dearest domain. Built upon the ashes of WordPress.com and old school Google Blogger pages it is here where I learned the harsh realities of security, SEO and of course proofreading. This blog is built on WordPress and has been since day 1.

WordPress is the only content management system that I have cared to learn and it wasn't until I started building websites for others that I learned the foundations of other content management systems. Let me start off by saying that I am not excessively skilled in PHP. My skills are within CSS, HTML and security. I always have learned best by being thrown into something. I believe that "trial by fire" is the proper phrase. WordPress was like that and so is Joomla.

Joomla: Why am I learning it?

It is Hard.

Joomla isn't for the feint of heart. It is setup to be scalable and completely customizable. It seems like everyone and their Aunt has used WordPress for blogging. Knowing Joomla and being skilled in it allows me expand my skillset; Not to mention work on preexisting websites without overhauling them to WordPress or a custom CMS option.

It is Modular.

WordPress is great but the module positions on Joomla add another level of customization that is beyond your typical WP Theme. The menu and article system allows for fine tuning of characteristics without adding plugins.

It is Wise.

As I mentioned above... Learning a new CMS allows me to expand my knowledge and further provide for my clients at Iowa Technology Concepts. This system of scalability allows for easy integration of new content and applications. Super cool stuff!   If you are a WordPress guru my call to action is for you to learn a new content management system. If you are the average joe I would recommend that you try new things and learn new skills. You are never too old to learn a new skill.



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