Update 4/28 – Theater Audio, Motorcycle Madness and More

Welcome yet again to my rambling blog about my life, career and more. The past couple months I have been incredibly busy. It is a strange occurrence: The transition from winter to spring. All of the sudden I am picking up shows and being asked to do other productions. It always boggles my mind. Here is a breakdown of what has been happening:

    1. Des Moines Playhouse. As life has it back in January I was asked to board op the production of Young Frankenstein. Somehow I survived tech week and got into the show itself. 26 wireless, 2 channels of spares, a full pit orchestra and several channels dedicated to sound effects. It is strange to be honest. The first couple of days walking into a new venue I always feel nervous and hesitant. It is funny to see the transition later on in the production I walk in feeling more confident, saying hello to the stage manager and the actors. After Young Frankenstein I was asked to sound design a show in the children's theater called Fancy Nancy. Tonight is opening night. So far I would say that it is going great. There is a bit of a learning curve getting into the behind the scenes stuff (production meetings, professional critiques etc.).
    2. Motorcycle Madness. At the end of my Junior year of high school I proceeded to take the motorcycle safety class over at DMACC. After taking that I had the itch to get my own but other hinderances kept me back. In February I purchased my own bike. It is a Kawasaki Ninja 250. I had half a mind to purchase a 600cc but I figured for my first motorcycle I wanted to keep it under control. If only it would warm up so I could get out on it more!
    3. Local church. Lakeside is finally in our new building complete with a basic LED setup and a line array. The audio is much much better and it is such a relief to not be loading gear in and out. We are continuing to work out the kinks of the behind the scenes stuff but we are getting there.
    4. Day Job. My day job has slowed down substantially over the past month. It is selfish to say but it is a bit of a relief. It has allowed me to work on productions while also still being able to take care of my clients.

All in all I am staying busy and that is fine with me. 🙂

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