SEO isn’t Everything – Learning to Gain Traffic from Other Sources

In the early 2000s long before Facebook, Google was the primary source for web traffic. Keyword spamming and over use of density metrics would promote SEO and ranking results. This style of writing is incredibly outdated.

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Since that time period social media has developed and SEO results have been shaped by other aspects.I see many blogs still trying to hit high level keywords and struggling to rank when traffic can be gained from other sources.

Gaining Traffic From Sources Other Than SEO

  1. Social Media
  2. Keywords are Dead
  3. Organic Content
  4. Internal Marketing

Social Media

Since the dawn of the first bb forum, social media is my first go to source for traffic. Hitting high value keywords and hashtags can be a great way to increase clicks. Services like Facebook and Twitter offer a trending section. If you have content to spare that lines up with whatever is trending it can be a great way to expand your outreach especially if you are lucky enough to hit the algorithm. You shouldn't be under the impression that this is a get rick quick scheme for traffic. Posting regularly to social media can assist in traffic. Be careful not to over post as it will decrease your traffic (and you'll loose credibility)

Keywords are Dead (Well Kind Of)

Long ago at the dawn of Google, keywords were the defining factor in determining Google's ranking. Nowadays keywords aren't as relevant. Organic content is a great way to get on Google's good side. If you can write great content you have a great chance of ranking (as long as you don't over use keywords or forget to fill out meta data).

Organic Content

I mentioned above about organic content. This content will empower your blog and like I said: Google likes it. Everyone can write about "What Makes a Great Blog?" but writing about "How I Made my Blog Great." I have been trying to achieve this style of writing and am getting closer even in my latest blog post about my website crashing. Anytime that you can write about personal experience is better than writing a dull article about SEO content marketing.

Internal Marketing

Internal marketing is a great way to keep clicks within your site (and more $$). I see this in a 3 step process:

  1. Establish a Clear Message.
  2. Start a Marketing Campaign.
  3. Post Often
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Let's work through this:

Establishing a Clear Message

Finding your niche and sticking with it. For me it is kind of a hybrid between web development, art of blogging and my own personal life. This is a little broader than the normal spectrum. Someday I will migrate my web development blog posts over to a new website but fortunately I have separated out my other sites to keep content split. .

For instance: Sound Guy Tales is a blog (and a resource) for people curious about the audio industry and a potential touring blog if I ever hit the road. Likely this blog will cover the life on the road and the technical aspect will be covered within the niche blog.

Start a Marketing Campaign

This is something that I need to be better about. Internal marketing such as cross linking between posts and email marketing can encourage exploration on your blog. If you are a bigger blog the goal is to earn money but if you are a smaller than the goal is to have your content read. You will want to retain your current readers while adding new ones.

Posting Often

This should be a given but I am also guilty of this. I would encourage you to commit to posting once a week for 4 weeks. If your schedule permits you to post more then save up those posts and submit them following the once a week strategy. Once you have an over abundance of good content then start to post more often. I find that I will become burnt out trying to keep to a schedule.

Right now I have been solid with once a day but if I were to commit to that I would begin to get tired of it once my schedule picked up. Knowing yourself and how you react under stress can help to determine your posting strategy. Using a tool like Hootsuite can help with this as well.

In Conclusion

Ultimately good things come to those who can write great content. Knowing your readers and catering to them will result in quality traffic.

I should make a note that I don't claim to do away with SEO. It has its place but too much emphasis can be placed on it and we forget about other options. All of the items listed above should be used sparingly as spamming one option or another can negatively impact your website.


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